Artist's studio
private commission 2006 -
Client: an artist
Location: Attiki
Project Team 
Architect: Eleni Kostika
Assistant architects:
Christina Fraktopoulou,
Chrysa Marouda,
Yiannis Vogiatzis
Civil Engineer: Yiannis Tsopanakis - Ypsilon
Mechanical Engineer: Nikolas Nakos & Partners
Topography - Site: Grigoris Roubos
Landscape Architect: LANDECO - Filippos Kontomanolis
Construction: Yellow Constructions

to convert the ground floor pilotis of an existing single storey house with garden to an artist's studio, and renovate the existing house as a short term residence.
This project is about a single storey house (150 sq. m) built in the 60's in a mountain village, below the mountain Kithairon in Attika approximately 50 km away from Athens.   This house is built in the middle of a plot of land as a single storey on a pilotis. Two verandas back and front create outdoor levels for the summer.
The owner, an artist who lives abroad, commissioned us to design and enclose the ground floor pilotis as a studio to work in relationship to the surrounding garden and connect it internally with the house, to create a situation of privacy for living and working, as a short term residence. The location provides a combination of mountain air and sea nearby, and due to it's proximity to Athens (about 1-hour drive) is ideal all year round for the particular use. Privacy was one of the main demands of the owner, since the neighbouring houses are very near, and due to the difference in levels they are kind of overlooking into the garden. 
The pilotis is part of the garden area, so the studio would be part of the garden. In order to give it more height we decided to make an excavation in the pilotis of about 80 cm, from which the new studio would be created as a sunken garden within the existing garden. The soil from the excavation would then be moved into the garden to create raised levels in which new trees are planted and in this very natural way the house would be protected from the neighbouring properties as visual contact is obstructed by the plants and recess in level. Privacy will also be assisted by turning the orientation of the main entrance to the existing house from front to back.
The house is introverted in a way that will protect living inside and outside, within an existing community. The studio is a landscape: a concrete slab surface with different levels sculpted and injected into the garden. Furniture is part of it as built in. The ground level is a garden a studio for living and working, in support of the existing house on the first floor.