Apartment 7
Light renovation of an open plan 100 sq. m loft in the centre of Athens, the home of an actor

Private commission / 2004-05

Client: an actor
Location: Psirry - Athens
Budget: 16,000 euros

Supervision of construction: Yro Tsiouni, architect
Photography: Eleni Kostika


Interior renovation, colour scheme and design of custom made furniture.

A raised floor as stage for sleeping and bathing, a de-mountable kitchen unit.
A kind of anonymous open plan longtitudinal space surrounded by a wide balcony was to become the home of an actor.
The brief was to create a bedroom with no walls and design a de-mountable custom made kitchen unit.
The space remains open, the raised floor becomes a stage for the bedroom and bath space, made of natural pine wood, while the kitchen creates an island for cooking at the other end of the space, made of maple wood. The natural light fills the space from the windows, the chosen colour creates a sky effect in different times during the day.