Apartment 6
top floor loft conversion into a slpit level apartment with veranda and terrace

Private comission / 2005-07

Client: a couple and child
Location: Psirry area / downtown - Athens
Budget:  200,000 euros

Project team:
Architect: Eleni Kostika
Civil Engineer: Yiannis Tsopanakis - YPSILON
Electrical – Mechanical:
Nicolas Nakos Consultant Engineers
Photography: Yiannis Hadjiaslanis


conversion of 100sq.m. top floor loft in two levels:

open plan with 1 master bedroom and small private sleeping & working area on top, plus outdoor terace & veranda


The space has a little top floor terrace room, typical of Athenian buildings (80s construction), a private terrace and veranda on the 6th floor with a magnificent panoramic view of the Parthenon and surrounds to the sea. The client wished the apartment remain open plan, kitchen – living room, with one large bedroom and a top floor for a bit of privacy for sleeping / and working. Natural light and creating a hidden space for supporting facilities was a main

preconception. Everything functional is kept in the perimeter of the enclosed space in order for the living area to become fluid and acquire different scenarios. Apart from the staircase to the top room which acts as an interlocking structural element functionally and visually, all else is additions stuck on the perimeter walls: A second wall is created as an extension to the fireplace to conceal supporting facilities such as shower/cupboards/laundry room, the kitchen

exposed continues the strip and extends to the east side wall, a bathtub is inserted on a cement finished section of the main bedroom on the east side wall. A lowered suspended ceiling conceals all pipework/air conditioning ducts and electrical cables and is designed with black slots, accessories and surfaces on white together with the walls of the apartment to give an effect of negative space: cut outs, resembling the views of the surrounding buildings as they become part of the interior surface. through the windows.

In the warmer months the veranda becomes a long strip of space that increases the area of the living space, with two concrete benches on either side.

Materials: Chestnut floor, polished cement screed floor, bare concrete, anodized aluminium, black marble, green marble, iron.

Colors: white and black, and green