Koumoundourou square
Submission for the National Competition for a public square in Athens - 1998 
Location: Koumoundourou square - Athens

With architects:
Andreas Angelidakis, Petunia Exakoustou
Consultant: Nikos Vittis (Traffic Engineer)
The project was based on an imposition and organisation of the square through a layering of sport terrain surfaces, articulating motion paths, in order to transcend the present static condition of the square, which was occupied by homeless Kurd immigrants.
Their occupation of space was allocated on the empty plots around the square, where domino structures would be filled with prefab survival units based on the slot-in hotel concept.
Therefore the square will be liberated as a platform for transient motion, for runners, skateboarders, swimmers, bus passengers, and passers-by.
Running tracks, basketball courts, skateboard parks and their standard sizes and surface materials crossing over each other and erasing each other, produced the main motion paths, sub areas, and small structures at the cross over points which were then transformed into a hard and soft landscape with slight recesses and elevations. In that way use is implied and suggestive but not necessarily restrictive.
The three existing listed buildings on the site which could not be touched, were captured in the new artificial landscape and became elements of the new topography, remaining accessible.
A traffic adjustment reroutes the major bus motion and brings the bus stops into the square, by a circular recess of the perimeter.
The surrounding buildings, (typical building blocks), are preserved as they are and painted in tones of grey to provide a natural continuous background to the square.
The perimeter as pavement is not preserved, it becomes a continuous surface of red cement pouring into the square.