Leisure Coast
Consultancy 1999
Client: Municipality of Vari
Location: Vari - Attica

For: Architectural Studio LTD
Entrance - ticket booth
Parking: Bicycles, motorbikes (52) , coaches (26) , cars (360)
Luna Park
Seasonal flower bed
Hill (+16m)
Open air-theatre
Cultural activities
Circulation pedestrian paths
Cross country tracks
Volley ball courts (2)
Tennis courts (6)
Basket ball courts (2)
Miniature learners driving park
Pick nick areas
Open air cinemas (2)
Tree islands
Canteens for swimmers (5 x 20 m2)
Skateboard ramp
Beach - Swimmers field
Open air exercise terrain - playground
Pedestrian path with service units
Dry river bed
Vieing rest area
Sailling club building and parking
Road canteen
Floating wooden deck marina