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International Open Competition / Ephemeral structures for the city of Athens 2001
Organisation: Cultural Olympiad Athens Ministry of Culture
With architect: Eleana Horiti
Structural engineering consultant: Yiannis Tsopanakis
Jury: Elias Zenghelis, architect, representing the Promoter (Greece), Zaha Hadid, architect (Iraq/United Kingdom), Hani Rashid, architect (Canada/USA), Yatsuka Hasime, architect (Japan), Sylvia Lavin, architect (USA), Claudio Baldisserri, architect (Italy), representing the UIA, Andreas Vourekas-Petalas, architect appointed by ATHENS 2004 OC, G. Peponis, architect appointed by the Athens School of Architecture, Nikolaos Tsinikas, architect appointed by the Greek Association of Architects, Ifigeneia Lolopoulou-Skamnaki, architect appointed by the Technical Chamber of Greece, Wolfgang Tochterman, architect (Germany), appointed by UNESCO.