The Gesture. A visual library in progress
Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki, Greece
22 July 18 September 2005
A Project by: Marina Fokidis, Sergio Risaliti, Daphne Vitali
Organised by: Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, Florence and Oxymoron, Athens
Architectural design of installation: Eleni Kostika


A note on the design:
The curatorial concept and the need to develop an installation for the specific art works in the designated space of the museum, required a complete singular informal proposal with a strong interactive physical presence. The stacking palette was used in repetition as a unique unifying element for the installation to create a landscape in the exhibition space. It seemed the most appropriate solution for the exhibits and also as a controversial intervention inside the very formal character of the museum. 
The exhibition and the works on video require attention from the visitors and also several different readings. The sound would act as a means of connection through the whole piece. The landscape of palettes, extends along the length of the space to function as a working table, a lab, an archive a library, where the visitor, watches, listens, rests participates around the TV monitors showing the works.
The conventional exhibition design (dark room type of installation) based on the distance between visitor and art work, is reversed in this proposal.

Participating Artists: Vito Acconci, Dennis Adams & Laurent Malone, Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla, Francis Als, Fikret Atay, Manolis Babousis, Joseph Beuys, John Bock, Pavel Braila, Chris Burden, Gao Brothers, Sophie Calle, Paolo Canevari, Carlos Capelan, Letizia Cariello, Giuseppe Chiari, Collective Action Group, Nikos Charalambidis, Michele Dantini, Jeremy Deller, Dianela De Lorenzo, Christina Dimitriadis, VALIE EXPORT, Makis Faros, Lara Favaretto, Anna Galtarossa, Alexandros Georgiou, Douglas Gordon, Mona Hatoum, Thanasis Hondros & Alaxandra Katsiani,
Mike Kelley & Paul McCarthy, Rustam Khalfin & Julia Tikhonova, Yves Klein, Elke Krystufek, Ketty La Rocca, Ma Liuming, Marcello Maloberti, Jenny Marketou, Gordon Matta Clark, Yerbossyn Meldibekov, Ana Mendieta, Marzia Migliora, Aleksandra Mir, Scott Myles, Massimo Nannucci, Maurizio Nannucci, Bruce Nauman, Maria Papadimitriou, Leda Papakonstantinou, Lygia Pape, Mike Parr, Nicola Pellegrini & Ottonella Mocellin, Joo Penalva, Michaelangelo Pistoletto, Pippilotti Rist, Georgia Sagri, Giorgos Sapountzis, Carolee Schneemann, Gerry Shume, Santiago Sierra, Stalker, Georgina Starr, Gerda Steiner and Jrg Lenzlinger, Vibeke Tandberg, Lina Theodorou, Salla Tykk, Uri Tzaig, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Piotr Uklanski, Ben Vautier, Cesare Viel, Gillian Wearing, Li Wei, Sislej Xhafa, Vadim Zakharov.
Documentaries: The Lovers The Great Wall Walk, 1988, Marina Abramovic / Ulay in collaboration with Murray Grigor for the BBC. 
Special participation: Situationist international online