ELENI KOSTIKA, architect, DipArch (UoW)
Born September 6, 1969 Athens, Greece
Established practice
in Athens, 1997.
Eleni Kostika, architect - owner
Current office consultants:
Structure: Yiannis Tsopanakis YPSILON
Environmental Engineering: Nikolaos Nakos & Partners Enginnering Consultants
Landscaping: Filippos Kontomanolis LANDECO
Audio-Visual: Echo Hi End Michalis Exarhou
1989-93 - BA in Arch with Honors, University of Greenwich, London
1993-95 - Dip in Arch, University of Westminster, London
Awards :
2009 - Shortlisted for the Future Projects Competition Entries Category of the World Architecture Festival Awards
2000 - 2nd Prize, Playgrounds and Toys for Refugee children, organized by Art for The World, Rome venue, Italy.
1999 - 1st stage commendation, Sarajevo Concert Hall, 2 stage International Competition, Rome, Italy.
1995 - De Verre Urban Design Award, (University of Westminster.
Registered member of the Technical Chamber of Greece
Royal Institute of British Architects (Part II)
2010-12    Prefab sustainable vacation  houses Eco resort cont. to develop prefab  houses and bungalows     as prototypes tourist resort developments or vacation  
2010-      Playstation - invitation by HOMEmag (free press) to propose a playground for Athens
               Private commission
2010      Bookcase "back to back"
               Private commission (completed)
2010-     Chez Kostika a private on going project on space, people and food
2009-      House 2 - 300 sq.m house on three levels on the northeast suburbs, Pallini/Attiki
               Private commision
2009-       Eco Resort Tourist development resort with boutique hotels, spa and conference centre on the south west of Crete,
Preliminary design stage, Private commission
Project Management: Architectural Studio LTD
2009        binb (building in building) - multi-storey building for Benetton in the centre of Tehran -a project for a 12 level multi-storey building of 12,000 sq.m designed as a submission entry for the International Ideas Competition Designing in Tehran organised by Benetton Group in the beginning of this year.
A multi-use development with retail, office and residential spaces.
Shortlisted in the Future Projects - Competition entries category of the World Architecture Festival Awards 2009
2008-09   Art Space Interior, ground floor re-design gallery facility spaces (depot / viewing room / office / kitchen) for Rebecca Camhi Gallery, Metaxourgeio Athens
                Private Commission (preliminary design)
2008        Bus stop Pergola, invitation to design a bus station by Athens Voice HOME mag (free press magazine)
                (published October 2008)
2008        Car Platform and Facilities for TOYOTA, Kifissos Avenue Athens.
Private commission
2007        Dental Clinic, Conversion of a 170 sq.m ground floor apartment into a dental clinic and supporting domestic facilities for the doctors residence on 1st floor, - Melissia/ Attiki,
Private commission
2006-08   House_1, House in Kapandriti, (200 sq.m) / Ippokrateios Politeia Aifidnai - Attika
Private commission
2006-7     Apartment_studio, total redesign of a two storey 60 sq.m penthouse apartment with 100 sq. m balcony area.
                Private commission (completed)
2005-       Artists Studio & Landscape, design intervention on existinghouse with garden to convert it in a short term residence, new ground level artists studio and outdoor area for artist Konstantin Kakanias Vilia/Attiki
                Private commission (under construction)
2005        Gallery Xippas depot, storage and depot facilities on ground floor, to the Athens gallery space
                Private commission, (completed)
2004-05   Gallery Apartment, The domestic sequel of Gallery Xippas project. Interior renovation of a 130 sq.m apartment as an addition to the gallery premises.
Private commission, Design & construction (completed)
2004-05   i-hotel,(An original exclusive small luxury hotelfor Athens), commission by invitation to design a hotel for Athens, under the title Invisible Hotel as part of a closed competition, organized by Carteco company, and curated by Memos Filipiddis (architect)/Exhibited at DESTE Foundation
2004-5     Apartment 7, Apartment loftconversion(100 sq.m) in downtown Athens
Private commission, Design & construction (completed)
supervision of construction: Yro Tsiouni, architect
2004-9     Family house revision, a 700 sq. m 3-storey 70s house is to be redesigned with new pool and garden and a series of extensions to house a couple, their 3 children and a large collection of contemporary art,  
N. Erithraia - Athens
                 Private commission, Design & Construction (completed)
2004-7     Apartment 6, Apartment loft (100 sq.m) in downtown Athens
Design & construction
                Private commission (completed)
2004        WARDA studio interior conversion of a 200sq.m loft in downtown Athens into an art direction studio,
                Private commission (completed)
2004        Vacation bungalow, Interior of a 55 sq.m vacation apartment Eretria/Evia,
Private commission, Design & construction (completed)       
2003-4     ELENI KOSTIKA ARCHITECTURE - Office, Architects office in downtown Athens,
Self commission (completed)
2003-4     Apartment 4, Interior of a 150sq. m art deco apartment in the center of Athens Exarheia,
colour scheme and design of custom made furniture
Private Commission (completed)
2003-       Polykatoikia, A polykatoikia in the suburbs Glyfada/Athens,
Preliminary design commission
2003-       House Extension to a two storey sub-urban house Glyfada/Athens,
 Preliminary design commission
2002        Auto-capture platform, submission for International Ideas Competition - Ephemeral structures in the city. Organisation: Cultural Olympiad 2004
                with architect: Eleanna Horiti
2002        The Breeder interior Athens, Interior design and installation of bookshelves and ladder plus some planning adjustments for the Breeder office premises in downtown Athens
                Private commission (completed)
2002        Home/Office Athens, renovation of a 100m2 loft space in downtown Athens
2002        Kitchen pro chef Athens, preliminary design of interior to function as kitchen working space for a chef     Preliminary design commission
2002        Show Room BETTINA - Ground floor show room of boutique BETTINA Athens,
Private Commission, Design & construction (completed)
2001-3     Vacation House on the island of Kea Cycladic islands,                                                   
                Private Commission
2001-3     Xippas Gallery in Athens, interior,
                Private Commission, Design & construction (completed)
2001        Shop: Clothes shop in shopping center - Athens,
                Preliminary design Commission
2001        Maintenance Renovation works of house and outdoor areas, KETE Foundation, Kamatero, Attiki, 
Private commission, supervision of construction (completed)
2001        Parking in Maroussi, Athens - feasibility study,
with Architectural Studio Ltd
2001        Apartment 2 - Interior of 60m2 apartment in Votanikos, Athens, 
Private Commission, Design and supervision of construction (completed)
2000-1     Apartment 1 - Interior of an 60m2 apartment in Athens, design and proposal for furnishing accessories,
Private Commission (completed)
2000        Play Ground with architect Andreas Angelidakis on invitation for the traveling Exhibition Playgrounds & Toys for refugee children, organized by the Art for the World Organisation, the logistics support of the UNHCR and UNICEF. http://www.art-for-the-world.com
(List of Exhibitors: Vito ACCONCI, USA , Andreas ANGELIDAKIS, Greece/Norway, Sergio AUGUSTO, Brasile, Carlo BERARDUCCI, Italia, Daniel BUREN, Francia, Paolo CANEVARI, Italia, LOS CARPINTEROS, Cuba, Enzo CUCCHI, Italia, Fabiana DE BARROS, Brasile, Silvie DEFRAOUI, Svizzera, DUNNING VERSTEEGH, Svizzera, Sylvie FLEURY, Svizzera, Fabrice GYGI, Svizzera, Pip HORNE e Shirazeh HOUSHIARY, UK, Alfredo JAAR, Cile, Soo-Ja KIM, Corea del Sud, Joseph KOSUTH, USA, LAUDA DONEGANI, Italia, Bleue ROY, Francia, Enzo MARI, Italia, Eva MARISALDI, Italia, Izumi OGINO, Giappone, Tsuyoshii OZAWA, Giappone, Luca PANCRAZZI, Italia, Maria PAPADIMITRIOU, Grecia, Maria Carmen PERLINGEIRO, Brasile/Svizzera, Annie RATTI, Italia, Denis SANTACHIARA, Italia, Risa SATO, Giappone, Arde SORTENI, Italia, Chrysanne STATHACOS, Canapa, e Diane BALD, USA, Haim STEINBACH, USA, Nari WARD, Jamaica, Chen ZHEN, Cina)
First Exhibition Venue - Rome:Andersen Museum,an annexed of Galleria Nazionale dArte Moderna, November 25 - Christmas 2000
Awarded: Second Prize in Rome    
2000        Model Agency: New offices for image management company agence , Athens preliminary proposal and design of furniture
                Private commission, (completed)
2000        Deputy Commissioner for the coordination of installation of the Greek Participation in the 7th International Exhibition of Architecture, Venice Biennale 2000. Catalogue editor for the national participation.
National Commissioner: Professor Elias Zenghelis
1999        Housing Redevelopment Scheme for area damaged by earthquake, Ano Liosia, North-west Athens commission for building blocks 920, 1251, 1252, 1259A
with Architectural Studio Ltd
Project Supervisor: Adam Kostikas,
with architects: Petunia Exakoustou, Alexis Dalas (1st phase) 
1999        Sarajevo Concert Hall Two stage International Competition, 1st stage commendation
with architects: Andreas Angelidakis, Petunia Exakoustou
1999        Floating Hairdressing Salon project
1999        Exhibition: Coca Cola: Design and installation of exhibition of the national competition of ideas for the
Coca-Cola bottle Gazi, Athens commissioned by Coca Cola Hellas
                with architects: Andreas Angelidakis, Petunia Exakoustou, Miltos Papadimitropoulos
1999        Reconstruction of neoclassical house, Plaka, Athens commission (built)
with Architectural Studio Ltd (involvement in project concerns detailing in construction stage)
1999        IFCCA Design Prize Competition (submission for pre-selection stage) international competition
                with architects: Andreas Angelidakis, Petunia Exakoustou
1998        Public Square / Koumoundourou square, Athens - national competition for a public square in Athens
                with architects: Andreas Angelidakis, Petunia Exakoustou
1998        Golf Course and Conference Centre, Kalavryta, Peloponese - preliminary proposal and feasibility study,
                with Architectural Studio Ltd
1998        Café-bar, Athens
Preliminary design Commission
1997        Foodmarket, Lamia - preliminary proposal and feasibility study,
                with Architectural Studio Ltd
1997        Pier of Agios Nikolaos in Patra, two stage national competition
(1st stage commendation, project selected for 2nd stage)     
                in collaboration with Thanassis Moutsopoulos, Miltos Papadimitropoulos, Spyros Spyropoulos
1997        Chapel for a private house on the island of Spetses
Commision (completed)
                with Architectural Studio Ltd
1996-8     Co-publisher and Editor-in-chief of the bilingual architectural magazine A3 Architecture
1995-97   Leisure coastal development
                Redevelopment of the east coast of the municipality of Vari, Attiki.
commission preliminary design stage
with Architectural Studio Ltd
2009        World Architecture Festival              2009, group exhibition of entries, Centro de Convenciones Internacionales de Barcelona, Spain. (4-6 November).  Submission work: binb (building in building) multi storey development in Tehran.
2005        Invisible hotel groupexhibition at the DESTE Foundation, N. Psychico, Athens, organized by Carteco company, curated by Memos Philipides, architect. (19-23/4).
The exhibition was also shown in Thessaloniki and New York.
2004        Athens by Art - Commission to realize 1:1 The playground project (with architect Andreas Angelidakis) for the Athens Olympic Games, installed in Koumoundourou sq. as part of the Athens By Art exhibition Athens (August September, 2004) Curated by Efi Strouza, Project curator Marina Fokidis.
2004        Athens-scape The Olympics and the Metabolism of the City Group exhibition at the Royal Institute of British Architects RIBA presented by The Hellenic Ministry of Culture London/ England (22 April 24 May): submission work: Gallery Xippas in Athens
2003        Ephemeral Structures in the city of Athens - Exhibition of the submission entries to the international competition, Byzantine Museum / Athens February 2003
2001        3rd Biennale of Young Greek Architects - curator: Yro Tsiouni
 Hellenic Institute Of Architecture November 2001 (Syntagma Metro Station)
Public Buildings in the 90s curator: Thanassis Moutsopoulos
MIRKA ANGEL Gallery, Athens, (May) FOKA Gallery, Thessaloniki, (June)
2006        Dean Tavoularis, production designer, painter. 
Architectural design: Eleni Kostika
                Curator: Marina Fokidis, Coordination/Concept: Attiki Cultural Society
                Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki / 19.11.2006-10.01.2007
2005        The Gesture, A visual library in progress,
Architectural design of installation  for the exhibition
Curated by Marina Fokidis, Sergio Risaliti, Daphne Vitali
Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece (22/07 18/09).
 (The international contemporary exhibition features video documentation, photographic material, films and records of international artists actions within the framework of the live arts form the Sixties until now.)
2004        The playground project, Installation in Public space, Commission to realize 1:1 for the Athens Olympic Games, installed in Koumoundourou sq. as part of the Athens By Art exhibition Athens (August September, 2004).
with architect Andreas Angelidakis
2003-4     Olympic games stories 
 Exhibition installation design realization and supervision of construction.
 Exhibition Design and concept by Andreas Angelidakis, architect,
Organisation: Foundation of the Hellenic World, (opening March 2004)
2003        Installation of contemporary art works:  Supervision of Installation of Karen Kilimniks work You are getting very sleepy, you will do as I say in collectors home.
Private Commission (completed)
2002        Esthisis,
architectural design of art exhibition: Esthisis,
 curator: Marina Fokidis,
 Organization: Very Special Arts Hellas Athens, Gazi / November 2002
2001        Production of drawings for urban sculpture by Takis
2000        7th International Exhibition of Architecture, Venice Biennale 2000.
Deputy Commissioner for the coordination of installation of the Greek Participation in the exhibition
Catalogue editor for the national participation: Eleni Kostika
National Commissioner: Professor Elias Zenghelis
2000        Camps des Forces:
Supervision of the installation of works by sculptor Takis for the exhibition Camps des Forces, and production of measurement drawings for future installations, at the Museo D Arte Contemporaneo (MACBA), Barcelona, Spain, April - Hayward Gallery, London, July. curator: Guy Brett.
1999        Production of Specification drawings in assistance to sculptor Takis for his solar sculptures works installed in the European Cultural Centre of Delphi, (June 2000) European Parliament in Bruxelles (September 2000)
1999        Coca Cola:
Design and installation of exhibition of the national competition of ideas for the Coca-Cola bottle
                Gazi, Athens commissioned by Coca Cola Hellas
                with architects: Andreas Angelidakis, Petunia Exakoustou, Miltos Papadimitropoulos
2000        7th International Exhibition of Architecture, Venice Biennale 2000. Catalogue editor for the national participation.
National Commissioner: Professor Elias Zenghelis
1999        Greece: Seasonal Densities, Built Density, Landscape Saturation the ongoing transformation of a country through tourism. Conference presentation in collaboration with architect Eleni Gigantes, of GZA
Inside Density An International colloquium on architecture in cities, Brussels, Belgium, 25-26/11/99
1998        Public speech on the subject of the greek city as part of a series of events organised by the Aristotle Univesity of Thessaloniki and the group: City-Citizen-Culture
1998        The built as an experienced topography introductoryspeech forpublic discussion on the 2nd Biennale of  Young Greek Architects, at the Cultural Centre of Athens
2008        One picture 1000 words text published in annual review Architecture in Greece, No. 39.
2005        Ways of seeing, text by invitation for the annual review Scroope 17,
Cambridge Architecture Journal, p.22
2003        Editorial collaboration with review for greek edition of time out magazine /
 issue 1 20/02/2003 
 issue 4 13/03/2003
2002        Stating the obvious text for the bilingual periodical publication Kallisteia, No.2, signs and labels, 06/2002
2002        Architecture editor in greek Sunday newspaper lifestyle supplement next.
                Collaboration (3 issues) articles: Issue 1: Interview architect Nikos Ktenas (published)
       Issue 2: Article on Glenn Murcutt, Pritzker Prize winner of 2002 (published)
2002        building topographies, flash animation submission by invitation for the www.whitneybiennial.com, by artist Miltos Manetas
2001        Contributor in the project and participant in the catalogue of T.A.M.A (Temporary Autonomous Museum for All) by artist Maria Papadimitriou, presented at the 25th Bienal de Sao Paulo 23/03 02/06 in Brazil. http://www.tama.gr/all/al_angelid.html
2001        An interview with Elia Zenghelis for STATUS office magazine, October 2001, p.36-39
2001        Top View article for the bilingual periodical publication Kallisteia, No.1, the beauty issue, 10/2001
2001        City Interior(s) - METAPOLIS 2001, The Contemporary (Greek) city, annual publication.
2001        Biennale 2000: An open forum of ideas article for the greek journal of the association of architects of Thessaloniki Architecture as Art.
2000        Catalogue editor for the national participation at the 7th International Exhibition of Architecture, Venice Biennale 2000. Greek Commissioner Elias Zenghelis.
1999        Architecture as mirror of the cultural status of society, on architecture in Greece, for Epilogos 1999   
(cultural annual review)
1999        City Interior(s) text on the greek city, for Metapolis magazine issue no.2
1998        Megethos articlefor magazine Alekton
1998        Scenarios on in-between space text on the greek city for the catalogue of the 2nd Biennale of Young Greek Architects. Organisation: Hellenic Institute of Architecture, curator: Panos Dragonas.
1996-       Publication of articles and chief editing for bilingual magazine A3 Architecture- (issues no.1-12)
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