Family House Revision  

private commission 2004-9
Client: a 5 member family
Location: N. Erithrea north suburbs / Athens
Project Team          
Architect: Eleni Kostika
Assistant architects:
Christina Fraktopoulou,
Maria Vidali,
Yiannis Vogiatzis - 3D Modeling
Civil Engineer: Yiannis Tsopanakis - Ypsilon
Mechanical Engineer: Nikolas Nakos & Partners
Audiovisual design & installation: Echokinisi Hi-End LTD, MIchalis Exarchou
Lighting Design: FOSS SA
Topography Site: Grigoris Roubos
Landscape Architect: LANDECO Filippos Kontomanolis
Construction: Yellow Constructions
Yiannis Hadjiaslanis,
Memi Koupa,
Alexandros Tsonidis

a 700 sq. m 3-storey 70s house is to be redesigned with new pool and garden and a series of extensions to house a couple, their 3 children and a large collection of contemporary art .

This project is about a 3 storey house (700sq. m) built in the 70s in the north suburbs, that needed to be totally revised in order to house a couple with their 3 children and a significant contemporary art collection. The house situated on a very sloping site possessed a conscious distinctive 70s Athenian typical villa style usually found in the suburbs.
The complexity of the project lies in the fact that the revision was intended to address the existence of certain architectural elements which we wanted to preserve, others that we were restricted to work with, and also new parts to add on the existing frame, plus work with the garden on all levels to create a revised interior/exterior domestic situation on a contemporary architectural proposition.
The above meant that major work was performed on the concrete frame of the house, which was completely undressed to reveal its condition structurally. Some materials were kept, such as stone, others were replaced revised and developed such as the wooden faade, and new materials were introduced such as zink, iron and bare concrete to complete the dressing of the reconstruction of the old structure. The interior of the house was totally redesigned, and supported with the necessary networks and new technology, with the addition of a new pool in the lower ground garden level.
Some spaces were custom made for specific art works, yet also with the treatment of the interior of the house in a flexible casual manner for the arrangement of art works, and furniture as part of the set up for daily life.
All materials and elements of design detailing of ironwork, woodwork etc are custom made. The construction was very closely supervised by the project team from the beginning of the project, throughout every stage.