Apartment 4
Light renovation of a typical 30's apartment in the centre of Athens, a home of a writer.

Colour scheme, and custom made furniture

Private commission 2003-04
Client: a writer
Location: Exarheia - Athens
Budget: 25,000 euros
Photography: Eleni Kostika

interior light renovation, colour scheme and design of custom made furniture

A table, a bookcase, bookshelves, glass vitrine.

An esoteric 2nd floor typical 30's apartment becomes the residence and working space of a writer.
The rooms are each painted a different colour according to a diverse colour scheme, while doors and window frames remain white, providing continuity and boundaries for the coloured surfaces. The domestic environment adopts a colourful backdrop, almost theatrical for the vast collection of personal objects to inhabit it. No exterior view is relevant. Light filters through, almost always indirectly.

The metal furniture, designed and made to measure in wrought iron finished with varnish, are additional pieces to the set. The glass vitrine made of aluminium for the crystal glass collection is in contrast light, transparent and fragile.