Xippas Gallery
A contemporary art gallery of 500 sq.m.

Private commission / 2001-03

Client: Renos Xippas
Location: 53D Sophokleous str., near market area downtown Athens
Budget: 330,000 euros
Photography: Eleni Kostikas archive
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interior redesigning conversion of a 2nd storey industrial space into a show room / gallery / loft space for exhibitions / showing / living.

At a marginal point of downtown Athens, (in an established by now contemporary art gallery neighbourhood) at the end of Sophokleous street, Xippas Gallery is found on the 2nd floor of a typical 60s seven storey building with mixed use.
The short walk from the market, and the overpopulated multiethnic immigrant life and trade activities which occupy the street level, continues and turns inside a stoa that cuts through the building connecting the backstreet. The marble staircase takes as to the calm white interior of the gallery.
Primary concern was light, and acute accuracy of finishes. Subtle and unobtrusive furnishing, fixtures and fittings were chosen, to facilitate an environment where contemporary art can be viewed in a pleasing atmosphere of lightness. All permanent furniture are custom made, to accommodate a spacious, functional, versatile backdrop interior, which could alternate between exhibition space, exclusive viewing space, working and living area. The white surfaces of the walls provide a continuous exhibition space throughout every room.