Architecture practice operates under conditional terms and through complex procedures, yet it covers a very broad territory.  Buildings Interiors  Landscapes - Exhibitions - Media
We see architecture, as an elusive condition which needs to have very clear and precise results. Its results have to be easy to read. An architectural product must be practical, beautiful, exciting and enduring. It is grounded on a site -space or land-, and is used and experienced by people. An architectural idea need not be all of that. A representation of it, need not be all of that either. Its purpose is very different. We are very interested in this.
What you may see in drawings or images is mostly information on pursuing ideas of how a landscape, a building or an interior may look like, be occupied, or function as such. Their purpose is to clarify and communicate intentions that may lead to a finalised definitive product, but always to commit to the testing of an idea.
To build a project means that those intentions are appropriated later by other conditions in order to become a prospective reality. Possibility, necessity, affordability and mostly faith constitute this reality. We are very interested in this too. We are interested in the consequence and/or potential versatility of custom made design, that fulfills unique requirements of a particular person, user, condition or site in a particular moment in time.
Some project commissions are carried through to completion based on the conditions mentioned above. Those results can be seen here through photographic material and perhaps demonstrate a closer outlook to the prospective realities of our ideas, and the materialisation of out fascinations. Ideas that become real substance through choice of materials and specified precise application.
In other words, what one may be likely to get if they employ us.
In brief, the work of the practice focuses on the interaction between site and programme in different scales, the complexity of architectural proposition for intervention on existing structures or landscapes, public and private space in proximity to contemporary art, detail as means to explore the notion of custom made through different materials and dimensional tolerance during construction in architectural production. Every project is unique in everyway.
About our website:
is the screen of what we do,
the location where our activities on architecture are filed and updated.
Our practice in architecture operates in the same way this site does:
   it is very easy to read cause you may be a potential client who quickly wants to get an impression of what we 
    do, (so clear and accessible data is crucial)

  also, it regards architecture as an evolving platform for promoting ideas, thoughts and other necessary related stuff
   (so texts, projects, other media  are crucial too)